Tel Aviv view from 3800 years old town Yaffa (visited 05.Feb.2020)

MinerEye Integration with Microsoft Information Protection

We provide business services to overseas companies and to Japanese companies! 


■ We provide Business Development services to overseas start-ups in Japan  


We are good at connecting dots!

Using our knowledge of different technologies and our professional network in Japan, we are able to connect a new technology with a Japanese company that will be interested in it. We are then able to follow up on this, and make an introduction with the relevant decision maker in Japan.


■ We provide Consulting and Research services for Japanese companies into foreign markets; especially into the Israeli Hi-tech market. 


We are good at identifying unique technologies!

Using our knowledge of different technologies and familiarity with the Israeli Hi-Tech market, we are able to report on unique new technologies according to predefined list of keywords and/or problem description.


For Overseas Companies

providing professional and experienced business development and marketing service.


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For Japanese Companies

providing unique networks connecting you to inovative and unique technology of oversea companies.

For Japanese VCs

high potential technologies are in your list.



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