HT BioImaging Ltd.

HT BioImaging is a revolutionary patented medical imaging Startup. Our goal is to detect and classify cancer early on the spot. Our exceptional team includes AI, signal analysis and computer vision experts, heat transfer & thermodynamics top researchers, oncologists, radiologists, and one successful serial entrepreneur.


HT BioImaging developed the HTScan – a disruptive system to measure heat diffusion in biological tissues. This new medical imaging technology translates the heat diffusion signal into an image to enable early detection of cancer in a non-invasive and real-time procedure at the point of care.

The HT BioImaging system utilizes smart algorithms that are based on signal analysis, computer vision and artificial intelligence to create a new medical imaging modality that will be used in every community clinic and OR. 


Heat Diffusion Imaging Technology for Pet Cancer Detection and Classification
Pet Cancer Detection One-pager 12.06.202
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