MinerEye is a leader in AI-powered Data Discovery, Classification and Governance for Dark and Unstructured Data.  We have experienced a tremendous growth in demand for Data repositories audit during the COVID-19 where most of our clients shifted to 100% reliance on cloud and remote data sharing and collaboration.  This situation exposed Little to no visibility into what exactly is in the data. It is practically impossible for businesses to correlate between file data and a specific business requirement (e.g. Privacy, security policies, geographic regulations).  There is too much data, lack of info on that data and no tools to identify the risk and to prioritize the handling of the risk in regard to privacy and security potential issues.  With MinerEye cloud native application, customers were able to quickly deploy and visualize the compliance and security risk to personal and business critical information. The tool also helped in reducing costs inflicted by processing of redundant and obsolete files that kept inflating the cloud storages.  By automatically categorizing the file data based on advanced analysis of context and content, users could understand the purpose and use of the file data and reduce its footprint in cloud systems.